Oil Pulling is one of the cheapest and safest methods to help cure and prevent various diseases, whiten teeth, and promote overall good hygiene. Practicing correct techniques can help improve overall health conditions.

Oil Pulling has been one of the age old Ayurvedic remedies for improved oral health and total body detoxification. Ayurveda is a system of alternative medicine native to India. Ayurveda translates to “the knowledge of long life.” In Sanskrit, words āyus, translates to “longevity”, and veda, translates to “knowledge” or “science.” The procedure involves using pure oils for pulling out harmful toxins, poisons, and other bacteria through the mouth, gums, teeth, and throat. It is commonly called Oil Therapy, according to ancient Ayurvedic terms, which refers to a healing system.

The concept of Oil Pulling was introduced by ancient Indian remedies a few thousand years ago. The concept was popularized 1990’s by Russian Dr. F. Karach. Recently, many health-conscious individuals have started practicing this procedure as a part of their overall health improvement programs. The most common use of oil pulling today is for teeth whitening.

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