Best Oil for Oil Pulling

An Oil Pulling question that comes up a lot is, What is the best oil for oil pulling? To answer that question I would have to say that the best oil for oil pulling is whatever oil works best for you!

The three most common oils that are used to pull oil include sesame oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. You do not want use an olive oil or peanut oil as they have no know benefit. Sesame Oil has been know as the most popular and most widely used, however, coconut oil has been working up in the rank and is starting to become more popular.

The first oil that I tried was coconut oil. I choose this because it was recommended to me and I love coconut. Coconut oil just seemed more appealing swishing in my mouth than a sesame or sunflower oil. Coconut oil seemed more natural as well.

No matter which oil you decide to choose first, you should make sure that it is all natural or organic. Most of the time you are not going to find the at your local big chain grocery store like Cub Foods. You will need to go to a grocery store that sells organic foods. I decided to buy organic coconut oil online. I bought Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2) from Amazon because it had almost 5 stars with over 417 reviews and I prefer to shop online more than I like going to the store. If you decide you would like to try sesame oil then I would recommend Kevala Organic Sesame Oil. Now if you want to try sunflower oil than you should give Flora Sunflower Oil Certified Organic a try.

I did however go to my local Whole Foods and was able to find organic sesame oil. I am sure that probably had organic sunflower oil as well but I was not looking for it. If you have an organic grocery store close to you stop on by and choose an oil to try. Most of the time they are going to cost under $12 for a bottle so they are very cheap. If you don’t like them you can still use them for cooking!

Once you decide on the oil you think you may like you may also have to experiment with different lengths of time. Oil Pulling is not an instant cure. You may notice results after your first try but again it depends on the person. You may need to do it for multiple days before you see results or you may need to change how long you pull oil in each session. Typically you should be swishing the oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes.

natures way efagold coconut oil pure extra virgin

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Nature’s Way Coconut oil is perfect for oil pulling and for the price of just $6.94 it is a cheap way to check out oil pulling and see if you notice any results. This is a great deal as you are getting the item for about 60% off.

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Oil Pulling and Weight Loss

The invention of alternative medicines was the fruit of man’s undying need for cures or remedies. Centuries ago, the level of medical knowledge that we knew of today didn’t exist. The medical basis of the alternative cures or remedies back then was from different beliefs of the cultures that existed during those times. The beliefs can be divided into religious, from the elder’s knowledge, from the shaman or native priest’s observation and even from animal behaviors.

The age old remedy known as oil pulling is one of the thousands of remedies that were invented centuries ago during the ancient times in the east. It was believed back then to cure various diseases that arise from unhealthy and polluted system where in the circulation of toxins in the body infects the inner organs causing sickness. The frequent use of the remedy passed down and spread the knowledge about its healing effects. Some of the people who performed the remedy claimed that it had helped them cure the several health conditions that they had all by themselves. Because of the countless therapeutic claims about oil pulling it became a widely accepted home remedy.

The method of doing the oil pushing remedy is simple. It must be performed first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. The person must put a spoonful of oil in his or her mouth. Any kind of edible oil will do. Then it must be used just like a mouth wash but with additional pushing and pulling for not less than 15minutes before spitting out the oil. After doing the remedy rinse the mouth by gargling with water or brushing and the remedy must be performed three times a day.

The effect of the remedy is based on the idea that the mouth has the most nerve endings and circulatory passage or openings in the body. Because of this opening toxins and impurities that are circulated within the body make usually ends up and build up in the mouth. To lessen the amount of toxins and impurities that circulates all throughout the body, some of the toxins and impurities that end up in the mouth during sleep must be washed away with oil. The idea of using oil is because of its slippery and dense characteristics that allow it to pass through in-between teeth and trapping toxins and impurities in it.

The remedy of oil pulling is also said to be an effective way to lose weight. It is said that the toxins and impurities that are removed by doing oil pulling everyday makes the body healthier and the organs to function better. Because of this boost in the organs functions, it allows the body to eliminate fat, cholesterol and other toxins and impurities that causes weight gain. The elimination of these causes will now result to losing weight and having a more trimmed figure.

However there are really no significant scientific studies that support the beneficial effects of oil pulling when it comes to improving the health. The positive curing effects that it may have given some of the remedy’s believers might just be caused by their strong faith in the remedy.
Oil pulling is an all natural remedy; there have been no reported side effects from doing it. As long as it is safe it can be performed by those who wanted to try it. And keep on doing it religiously to be healthier and to help loss the weight.

Where To buy Oil For Oil Pulling

As defined in alternative medicine, oil pulling is a process in which expert rinses their mouth with one tablespoon of cooking oil for about three to twenty minutes then finally spit it out. This process is normally performed daily. Sunflower or sesame oil is also recommended as a medium in doing this process. According to some individuals who have conducted research about oil pulling, this is considered as an alternative form of medication that has the ability to cure disease in the body and whiten teeth. It is still necessary to say that this process is not 100% supported by Science, but you will however notice whiter teeth.

The diseases that are being cured by the oil pulling procedure are bronchitis, headaches, ulcers, eczema, toothaches, intestinal, heart and kidney diseases. It can also prevent and reduce the growth of malignant tumors in the body. Oil pulling is an alternative medication that can also deal with blood diseases, stomach, lungs and liver diseases, paralysis and nerve diseases. Amazingly, oil pulling is also considered a great way to cure sleeping disorders.

Although some practitioners experiment on some types of oil to be used, there are some that use the most effective and appropriate oil for oil pulling. Sunflower oil and sesame oil are recommended oils for oil pulling procedures.  Using oil that best fits with what you feel is important. Sesame oil comes with warming features and can detoxify more as compared to other oils that produce a slightly cooler affect. It has a touch of sesame flavor which is actually present in some sesame foods that you eat. Sunflower oil, on the other hand, offers a taste that is definitely milder and people will choose this type over the other.

Ordinary cooking oil such as coconut oil can also be used in oil pulling procedures. Except for its familiar taste, it possesses cooler energy as compared to sesame and sunflower oil. Oil pulling procedure and the type of oil to be used are individual-based, therefore, individual preferences are often a key factor. The continuity of the oil pulling procedure in a given society depends on the supply and availability of oils. Oil pulling oils can be bought considering some buying options and choices. It is a must, especially for oil pulling practitioners, to know where and how to buy oil for oil pulling. Retail stores and grocery stores can be a place to go to by practitioners who prefer regular cooking oil for their oil pulling procedure.

Considering online sites or online stores that offer this kind of product will also help in guiding you on where to buy oil for oil pulling. is indeed the number one place to check out when looking for oil for oil pulling. This is the perfect site that offers the needed products that you are searching for. is recognized worldwide as an online retailer of array of products. Name anything, Amazon has it. This site therefore contributes in providing individuals who need to know where to buy oil for oil pulling the perfect location or site to cater to their needs for the particular product.

Oil Pulling Instructions

In order to oil pull safe and effectively you need to follow some basic instructions. Oil Pulling is not the same as mouthwash. The most important step in the oil pulling process is to do the procedure at the correct time of day. You must make sure you begin with an empty stomach. Make sure you have not eaten for at least 4 hours. For most people, the ideal time would be first thing in the morning. As soon as you wake up start oil pulling.
You do not want to brush you teeth, eat, or drink anything before. You will need to set aside at least 10 minutes to switch and pull the oil through your teeth. Ideally you want to aim for 15-20 minutes.
Once you are ready to begin, take one tablespoon of your oil of choice. Make sure to check out the article on which oil is best for oil pulling. Now take your organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, or organic sesame oil and put the oil in your mouth. You will then want to slowly swish it around your mouth and pull it through your teeth. Move it front to back and side to side. You do not want to gargle or swish very rapidly. Make sure to slowly pull the oil through your teeth and remember to set a timer so you know how long you have. Shoot for 15-20 minutes but if you have to spit it out early you may do so, but you will not receive the maximum benefit.
You must absolutely never swallow the oil. The process of oil pulling is pulling toxins out of your body and you do not want to swallow them. If you do happen to swallow them don’t panic and call the poison control or anything, you will be fine. The worst that may happen is you may have an upset stomach for awhile.
When you are ready to spit the oil make sure that you spit it in the trash and not down the sink. You may clog your sink depending on the type of oil. After your 10-20 minutes is up you will notice that the oil has become a lot thinner in your mouth if you have been doing it right. You will also see the color change to white. If you still see yellow (does not apply to coconut oil) you were not correctly pulling the oil through your teeth or you did not do it long enough.
Now after you have spit the oil out you will want to rinse your mouth out with water and brush your teeth. You can do the process multiple times a day to detox quicker. If you have any questions or need help please leave a comment and we will do our best to answer.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Coming to the point that everybody is emphasizing on – what are the benefits of Oil Pulling? Scientific studies have proven that Oil Pulling is an efficient therapy. It helps whiten teeth, reduce tooth sensitivity, strengthen gums, and offers many other medical benefits. A study has revealed that the procedure can help in boosting the oral health. If sesame oil is used for the purpose, it will help in improving the oral health conditions remarkably. It works by reducing the presence of S.mutants, a germ, present in saliva and teeth plaque. Scientists are of the opinion that lipids present in oils can eradicate such bacteria and also prevent bacterial integration and oral cavity.

Not only does Oil Pulling reduce bacterial growth, but it also attacks fungus and prevents fungal growth. The most common benefits have to do with the mouth since you are pulling toxins out of the mouth.

Many of the Oil Pulling benefits include:

  • it improves overall strength of gums, teeth and jaws
  • prevents gum diseases like gingivitis and cavities
  • prevents tooth decay and bad breath
  • it is a holistic remedy for gum problems like bleeding gums, and for TMJ, Temporomandibular joint disorder, general soreness of mouth and jaw
  • prevents dryness of throat, mouth, and lips

The benefits of Oil Pulling go beyond the mouth. It works wonders for the lymphatic system to remove harmful bacteria and promote the growth of beneficial microflora. Because Oil Pulling has a holistic perspective to it, it has been considered to be an excellent preventative health care measure for various other conditions.

Some of the other possible benefits of Oil Pulling are:

  • it relieved migraine headache
  • it corrects hormone imbalances
  • it reduces swelling and inflammation that results from arthritis
  • it helps people with Gastroenteritis (also known as gastric flu, stomach bug, stomach flu, gastro and stomach virus, although unrelated to influenza)
  • it reduces eczema and psoriasis and it may help in reducing the signs and symptoms of bronchitis
  • it supports regular kidney functions
  • it helps in reducing sinus congestion
  • it has been reported to improve vision
  • it reduces insomnia
  • it reduces hangover post alcohol consumption
  • it reduces pain
  • it reduces allergies and its symptoms
  • it detoxifies the body and releases harmful organisms and metals

However, more research has to be done in order to determine the conclusive benefits of oil pulling to overall human health.

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is one of the cheapest and safest methods to help cure and prevent various diseases, whiten teeth, and promote overall good hygiene. Practicing correct techniques can help improve overall health conditions.

Oil Pulling has been one of the age old Ayurvedic remedies for improved oral health and total body detoxification. Ayurveda is a system of alternative medicine native to India. Ayurveda translates to “the knowledge of long life.” In Sanskrit, words āyus, translates to “longevity”, and veda, translates to “knowledge” or “science.” The procedure involves using pure oils for pulling out harmful toxins, poisons, and other bacteria through the mouth, gums, teeth, and throat. It is commonly called Oil Therapy, according to ancient Ayurvedic terms, which refers to a healing system.

The concept of Oil Pulling was introduced by ancient Indian remedies a few thousand years ago. The concept was popularized 1990′s by Russian Dr. F. Karach. Recently, many health-conscious individuals have started practicing this procedure as a part of their overall health improvement programs. The most common use of oil pulling today is for teeth whitening.

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